Soundbrenner Pulse Unboxing
Donnerstag 11. Februar 2016 | 13:39 | Florian Saeling

Soundbrenner Pulse – Unboxing the wearable metronome

As the first marching band in the world we got the great chance to test the Soundbrenner Pulse – A smart vibrating metronome of the 21st century that is going to advance every musicians’ lives. Here is what we think about it as marching band musicians after our first unboxing und testing. Metronome on the weiter »
Samstag 6. Februar 2016 | 23:15 | Florian Saeling

Team spirit of a marching band – Ready for the world championship?

90 members of the Fanfarenzug Strausberg Showband are ready to go on tour to the world championships of the WAMSB. Not just as ambassadors of their hometown Strausberg but especially for showing their best performance of the year to an international audience that they have worked for together. During that time, a team has developed weiter »
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